QESUMA, originally spelled with a 'K', means bunga, perempuan yang cantik /elok /molek/rupawan (blooms/beautiful lady). Spelled with a 'Q' for its quality and uniqueness. Managed by three ladies, we are focusing at selling Muslimah apparells. At the moment, we specializes in selling high quality hijabs for Muslimah. We operate via online blogshop based in Serdang/Seri Petaling. For any enquiries, comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to drop us an email at qedaiqesuma@yahoo.com.

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Balqis Collection is made of Lycra fabric with awning of the same fabric.

It comes in size* S and M (the available size of each pattern of Balqis collection is stated below each picture) with three different designs; Tulang, Scallop and Layang.
The awning can be ironed.
Tulang - The seam is sewn straight from chin to chest. The shape of the hijab is oval, some people call this type of hijab as Oval hijab.
- The seam has to be drawn to the shoulder, which creates pretty scallops in front of the chest and back.
- The seam is located at both shoulder sides.

*size is based on the length of the hijab, not the face-size.

Balqis 7

Size : S
RM 33

Balqis 8
*shades of deep green*

Size: M
RM 33

Balqis 9
Size: M
RM 33

Balqis 10

Size: M
RM 33

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